Bungalow for sale in Famara


Buying a bungalow for sale in Famara has given one of the best returns on investment in all of Lanzarote over the last ten years.


Even over the last twelve months Famara has remained busy and its popularity has grown. Owners have been attracted from all over the world including famous models and politicians.

Considering what Famara has to offer it is not surprising why so many people flock to the area and want to buy.

The main attraction is the wonderful beach, at low tide you can walk five kilometres from end to end. Just behind the beach are the dramatic 650 meter high ‘El Risco’ cliffs. The sun sets in front of the beach. There can be amazing conditions for Surfing, Kite surfing and Wing Foiling plus sunbathing and swimming.

The whole area has a very relaxing and wild feel to it attracting like minded people that enjoy nature.

The Famara Bungalows themselves were originally created by Norwegians and built using materials shipped over. Many of the houses still have the original wooden tables and chairs. The properties are set in an amazing landscape at the foot of the Famara cliffs as they start to mellow and become less steep.

One kilometre West is the original fishing village called ‘Caleta de Famara’.

The curved shape design of the bungalows was inspired by the stone shelters created along the beach for protection from the wind, in Spanish called Zocos. Bungalow plots average around 1000 square meters. The houses are made in a semi circular shape. The front being the flat part of the shape with huge glass doors allowing lots of light and views over the beach, town and sunset. The buildings are perfectly orientated for the prevailing winds and views. They come in three sizes of one, two and three bedrooms, many have been altered and improved to the owners preferences often with stunning results. In all there are around 200 bungalows. They are all part of a private community responsible for the roads and amenities. For increased security and privacy all the internal access roads in the bungalows have remote control barriers, with use of a remote control the raise barriers and allow access.

Within the bungalows is a very good restaurant called ‘Las Dunas’ which is also accessible to the general public.

The private communal roads run down and along part of the beach giving direct access to a lesser used part.

One kilometre from the Bungalows is the town of Famara.

Here there are several supermarkets, plenty of surf shops, bars and restaurants. This is where you can locally stock up on supplies and chose from several very good places to eat and drink.

Freedom4sale often has Famara bungalows for sale as we have very good contacts in this area. If you wish to make a purchase the best way is to contact us and register your interest as these properties are highly sought after and do not stay on the market very long.

famara view to sea at sunset from bungalows
View from bungalows to sunset
Famara bungalos bottom left nestled by the cliffs and beach

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