Buying a property in Lanzarote

There are lots of very good reason to buy a property in Lanzarote. With the current shift towards remote working its now even more accessible to move and work from Lanzarote.

Quality of life can be significantly improved by moving from a busy city to the relaxed and sunny island of Lanzarote. Stress levels will plummet and free time will soar. Reliable weather patterns means everyday is a beach day. Outside sports and hobbies can be participated in regularly thanks to reliable all year round weather. Lets say the list of good reasons to buy in Lanzarote outweighs the list of reasons not to. The decision is made, so whats next?

Chosing your location

If you are familiar with the island you may already have a good idea of where you want to buy your house or apartment.
There are some different factors that come into play when living somewhere as opposed to being on holiday. If your Spanish is limited this may also be a factor, the tourist centres will have more people speaking English.
The three main tourist resorts on the island are Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca.

The property so suit your needs and budget

Before starting to look for your new property you will need to set budget and size parameters. How may bedrooms will you need. Do you want some secure storage space for personal possessions to be kept when you are not there?

Property usage

If you do not have Spanish residency and your have a UK passport there are limitations on how long you can be in Spain. Now the UK is not in the EU non Spanish residents can only spend a maximum of three months at a time in Spain, with a max of 60 days per year.
This means your property will have to be vacant for at least half the year. You can chose to leave it vacant or rent it whilst you are away.
Holiday rentals will give the largest income but incur higher overheads and higher levels of service and response time. Long term rentals give a reliable income but will normally want to stay more than six months at a time.
To allow you the most flexibility on visiting times holiday rentals are the best solution. You can block off any days you want to spend in Lanzarote from your booking calendar.
There are several property rental companies we can recommend on the island that will take total care of your house when you are away. They will keep it secure, safe and take care of holiday bookings.

Finding your new house

Get to know the market. Start on the internet. has a broad selection of houses across the island. If in doubt do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to receive emails with any questions you may need to ask. Stay ahead of the game, register your details with us to be contacted as soon as a property suiting your requirements appears on the market.

Completing the purchase

Once you find the house you want to buy we will walk you through all the rest of the process right up to completion, amenities connected and you are moved in.

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