Buying a bargain apartment in Caleta de Fuste

The fully self contained town of Caleta de Fuste, also known as ‘El Castillo’ is located just a short eight kilometre drive south from the Fuerteventura international airport.

The area is a popular tourist destination because of good quality safe beaches, wide variety of bars and restaurants plus wide ranging accommodation. For golfers looking to buy a property in Fuerteventura this is a great location as there are two match standard golf courses next to each other.

Buying property in this area is an easy job due to great prices and the large variety of houses on the market.

You can find bank repossessed apartments for sale in Caleta de Fuste for some amazing prices. Freedom4sale has a great relationship with some local banks allowing us to give early release properties. Lots of the apartments are on well kept complexes with pools and bars.

Homes in this area can be rented to tourists when you are not there creating an income and keeping them safe. Local property management companies can take care of the cleaning and maintenance.

There are three main areas of Caleta de Fuste to buy property. These are the town centre, Costa Antigua (previously known as Nuevo Horizonte) and Chipmunk Mountain on a small hill just inland.

The town centre of Caleta de Fuste is closest to the beach and the majority of commercial businesses. Its a small town with only two main roads going in and out. The town beach and marina are located here.

Costa Antigua, which you may have known as Nuevo Horizonte is about one kilometre to the North of Caleta de Fuste.  There are a few shops, bars and restaurants here but no beach. Access and parking is good all set in a quiet area.

Chipmunk Mountain is across the main FV-2 road inland from the main town. There are a number of businesses like supermarkets, bars and restaurants. The area is set up on a small hill giving some nice views toward the sea.

The vast majority of properties to buy in this area are apartments on Complexes. Freedom4sale have a large selection on offer. Due to our great relationship with the local banks we can not only offer well prices apartments but also help find mortgages. Year of experience mean we can take you through every step of the buying process recommending professionals to help you at all stages.

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