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Villas for sale in Lanzarote

Lanzarote property buyers are in a great position post Brexit with the COVID situation settling down.

The uncertainty of recent years is reducing and firm plans can now be set for the future.

Pre COVID small apartments on complexes were the most sought after property in Lanzarote. Now incentives and motivations have changed. Larger villas and houses for sale in Lanzarote are very popular with relocation and quality of life improvements in mind.

Remote working is now much more accepted, so why not improve your surroundings and lifestyle at the same time and move to Lanzarote?

With the decision made the next hurdle after Brexit for UK citizens is visas’s. The visa allowance for non Spanish residents from Britain is now 90 days every 180 days. Extended and permanent visas are available. One way is to own more than 500,000 euros worth of property. This way a longer visa can be applied for and eventual permanent residency. The 500,000 euro total can be toted up by multiple properties as well.

Once you have made your mind up to buy a larger sized property or villa in Lanzarote its a matter of deciding exactly what you need and finding it. Location, size, bedrooms, facilities both inside and out must be decided upon.

Freedom4sale has a wide and fast moving stock of villas for sale in Lanzarote. Check our listings to get an idea of price and what you get for your money. The island has a year round tourist season so if you want to spend part of the year in the UK then renting can be straight forward.

When you are ready to buy just get in touch with us. We can assist at all stages of the buying process and recommend reputable people to organise visas and all paperwork.

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